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A law school dropout dealing with the onset of bipolar disorder walks into a black glass building seeking success and walks out (before it's shut down by the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau) with a lot else.

Also, it's a true story.

PS: Made it so I only make 1¢ per copy, because I got emails from people who couldn't afford the $17.77 price point. It still costs like $9.83 is literally the cheapest it can be sold for.

Email me a request for a free PDF version if you can't afford that or the Kindle version.

That said, I HIGHLY recommend buying on Amazon because it's larger than a normal book, has a matte cover, is printed on really nice paper, and even has pictures and unique artistic shit, and I tell ya, it just feels right in the hand.

It's special in other words. You'll see what I mean!

If you're doing okay $-wise, please make up for my despicable un-capitalistic decision to sell at the lowest possible price point through a review or even donation to the show.

Otherwise, congratulations on the sweet deal and happy reading!