Episode 3: "Prisoners" (Ex-felon)

Guest: Mac Tatum, Author of Straight Outta Maximum Security Prison: Tales from the Inside

Summary: Mac spent 29 years of his life in maximum security prison for crimes he committed @ 20. He’s been out five years now, and in this amazing episode we were able to discuss many very interesting, illuminating, and terrifying things about the American prison system. Listen and learn how to avoid being destroyed by your environment.

Topics Include:

  • What it's like to live in an environment where every day is a fight for survival

  • How to emotionally endure extended periods of abuse, pain, and loneliness

  • Shocking revelations about “Django Unchained” style fights put on by evil guards, leaving several inmates dead and countless wounded

  • Why the US has the most prisoners in the world / off the charts recidivism

  • How to stop a vicious cycle that has caused generations of black kids born in the wrong neighborhood to repeat the mistakes of their missing fathers

  • Nico’s romantic situation with a babe from Instagram (it actually kinda ties in now that I think about it!)

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